Via the New York Times, President Trump today signed an executive order, directing government agencies to reassess trade agreements with a preference for American suppliers.

WASHINGTON — President Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday aimed at making it harder for technology companies to recruit low-wage workers from foreign countries and undercut Americans looking for jobs.

Later in the same article, it is noted that the current perception is that visa holders are paid less than the industry average, which is against the purpose of this program:

The officials said 80 percent of the immigrants who enter the United States under the current visa program are paid less than the median wage for workers in their fields.

Last week, also via the New York Times, an article related to the large influx of H1-B visa applications as the annual submission deadline approaches:

In a statement, the National Association of Software and Services Companies, the main trade group for India’s outsourcing industry, said, “The H-1B visa system exists specifically because the U.S. has a persistent shortage of high-skilled I.T. talent.”

Watch the announcement here: